Why sell on bidorbuy?

Why not start selling on bidorbuy, South Africa’s internet auction and online marketplace? All you need is a good product, access to the internet, an email address and a willingness to succeed. It’s fun, exciting and cheap. With bidorbuy, you have access to a large audience, unparalleled exposure for your business and products in South Africa, an established and mature marketplace, sales tools, superior payment options and the ability to build a trusted reputation.
You can start selling quickly; you just need to register to create an account and you’re good to go. Create your listings and watch your sales soar.

How bidorbuy integrates with uAfrica


Order is placed on bidorbuy. Customer pays for order and shipping*.


Order pulls through to bidorbuy Admin and payment from sale is captured.


Order pulls through to the uAfrica dashboard.

  • Confirm shipping details
  • Select courier quote
  • Fulfill the order

Order is updated as completed.

  • Inventory is updated
  • Fulfilment information is reflected

Courier collects and delivers parcel.

  • Print automated waybill
  • Collection request is sent to courier (and parcel is collected)
  • Tracking updates are emailed to customers
  • Parcel is delivered by courier

Order is updated as delivered.


Good to know:

  • *The amount that your customer pays for shipping at checkout must be precalculated, since the rates on uAfrica only get calculated after the order has been placed.
  • If you would like to set up these rates that your customers see at checkout, you can set it up on bidorbuy or you can make use of Shipping Rates on uAfrica.
  • uAfrica Shipping Rates are supported if you have a bidorbuy account.
  • If you would like some help on how to set up your Shipping Rates, please consult our Knowledge Base > Shipping Rates
  • You can push products from your primary channel to bidorbuy using rules (find out more about Rules in Multichannel). Alternatively, you can create products on your bidorbuy account directly.
  • bidorbuy can only be set up as a secondary channel, not a primary channel.
Support: Live chat, or you can call +27 (0)87 350 0099.