Takealot Processes via uAfrica

As more and more of our merchants become Takealot sellers, we want to ensure that the correct processes are followed when using uAfrica to deliver to the Takealot warehouse. In this email, we highlight the steps that need to be followed, the couriers that can be used and the process information that you need to know: 

Takealot Bookings via uAfrica

The uAfrica/Takealot Couriers

  • Merchants cannot use Dawn Wing or MDS Collivery to make deliveries to Takealot using uAfrica. If you would like to use these courier companies for delivery to/from Takealot, you will need to organise this directly with them.
  • Only The Courier Guy, CourierIt and Internet Express can be used for delivery to Takealot.

The Booking Process

  • Once a sale has been made on Takealot, the seller will receive a Purchase Order (PO) with a due date from Takealot.
  • The seller must create an order on uAfrica and fulfill the order with their courier of choice, including the PO number, the due date and their vendor number in their delivery instructions to ensure that it is visible on the shipping label.
  • This information MUST BE EMAILED to uAfrica Support and the selected courier before 14h45 to pre-alert them to the incoming Takealot orders.
    • The Courier Guy: send an email to support@uafrica.com and CC in takealot@thecourierguy.co.za and uafrica@thecourierguy.co.za
    • CourierIt: email support@uafrica.com and CC prycsd@courierit.co.za as well as
      khosim@courierit.co.za for JHB and lincolnm@courierit.co.za & ryanp@courierit.co.za for CPT.
    • Internet Express: email support@uafrica.com and CC support@internetexpress.co.za
  • The seller will then need to log into the Takealot Seller Portal and allocate the PO number to the courier that the shipment has been booked with (see below).
  • Once the PO has been allocated, the courier will make a booking with Takealot and deliver on the due date.

Process Information

  • The couriers have no intervention with regards to the booking date; they submit the PO for booking and then Takealot generates a booking date back to them.
  • They will only action bookings once a day and these will only be actioned for freight that has been received into their warehouse.
  • The couriers cannot make bookings for freight still in transit.
  • Shipments should be split per PO/Due Date (one PO per waybill = 1 due date), as they cannot deliver one waybill with different due dates.

How to allocate the Purchase Order for Takealot

  • Go to the Book Delivery tab on the Takealot Seller Portal.
  • Select the PO number in question and select that you are using a Takealot preferred courier.
  • Select the Courier Of Choice.
  • Select the green button on the right “Add Selected Shipments”.
  • Once in the next screen, update the status to “On Route”, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the green button “Allocate to Courier”.
  • Confirm that you would like to continue – your shipment will then be allocated to the preferred courier.

Takealot Support Assistance

The Courier Guy:
  • uAfrica Support: support@uafrica.com
  • CPT Hub: monique.g@thecourierguy.co.za & shana@thecourierguy.co.za
  • JHB Hub: precious.m@thecourierguy.co.za; takealot@thecourierguy.co.za and uafrica@thecourierguy.co.za
  • uAfrica Support: support@uafrica.com & prycsd@courierit.co.za
  • CPT Hub: lincolnm@courierit.co.za & ryanp@courierit.co.za
  • JHB Hub: khosim@courierit.co.za
Internet Express:
  • uAfrica Support: support@uafrica.com & support@internetexpress.co.za

Questions, Concerns or Queries?

If you have any questions on the uAfrica & Takealot processes, please get in touch with our Support Team on support@uafrica.com or 012 940 1060.

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