Features Overview

Find out more about each of uAfrica's features below.

Shipping Features

Real time rates from all courier partners

Select the best price for your shipment by receiving multiple, real-time quotes from all three of our integrated couriers. Compare prices and service levels to pick the best rate for you. 


Available on all plans.

National delivery

Ship to any location in South Africa with the click of a button. Surcharges may apply, but between the three couriers we integrate with, we will surely find a way to deliver to every nook and cranny of the country. 


Available on all plans.

Automated shipping labels

Once you have fulfilled an order, shipping labels are automatically populated with your company branding on it. There is no need to complete waybills manually when you use uAfrica. These shipping labels also allow you to track your parcel throughout the shipping process.


Available on all plans.

Automated sticker shipping labels

uAfrica allows the printing of sticker shipping labels, which is especially useful for bulk shipments. Save time and money on printing so many paper shipping labels! Contact uAfrica to enable this on your account. 


Available on Silver and Gold plans.

Ship from multiple locations

Do you operate out of more than one location? The couriers will collect from any address in South Africa and you can decide from which one. You can set up multiple addresses from which collections can take place on the uAfrica platform. 


Available on the Gold plan only.

Centralised order management

You can manage all of your orders and shipments from one dashboard on uAfrica. Orders will pull through from your sales channels to uAfrica automatically and you can manage, control and fulfill all of your orders from there. 


Available on all plans.

Ability to add shipping insurance

Shipping valuable items? You can cover your shipments against any damage, loss or theft which might occur during shipping. Insure your parcel on uAfrica, on a per shipment basis, at a cost of up to 2% of the value of the item. Please note that courier-specific terms and conditions apply when insuring shipments.


Available on all plans.

Printing of packing slips

Make picking and packing easy with packing slips. Once you have fulfilled an order, download your packing slips to ensure that each parcel contains the correct items. 


Available on all plans.

Bulk order fulfilment and shipping

Save on time by using the bulk fulfillment feature to ship multiple parcels in one shot. Simply select the orders you would like to fulfill and use your bulk actions to complete the job. 


Available on all plans.

Automated tracking emails

Keep customer and yourself up to date on the status of the shipment at all times. If you use the uAfrica-generated shipping labels, you and your customer will be updated by email as the parcel moves through the shipping process.


Available on all plans.

Custom courier accounts

Continue using your account with one of our integrated couriers, while still making use of all of the uAfrica features. It is important to note when using a custom courier account that the uAfrica Shipping discount will not apply.


Available on all plans.

Shipping Rates for Shopify & bidorbuy

Use the Shipping Rates feature on uAfrica for your Shopify store or bidorbuy account to charge your customers shipping fees based on their postal codes or on live real-time rates provided by the couriers. 


Available on all plans.

Multichannel Features


Sync products from your primary sales channel to your secondary sales channels

Sell your products on multiple websites through the uAfrica platform by syncing your sales channels to uAfrica. This will sync your products between your sales channels and allow you to sell your product using one primary store.


Available on all plans.

Manage all products from a single sales channel

All of your orders, no matter on what sales channel the order was placed on, will automatically pull through and appear on your primary sales channels, making it so much easier to manage products, fulfill orders and control shipments.


Available on all plans.

Use the rule engine to determine which products to push to the sales channels

The rule engine allows you to set up rules and instructions that push certain products to certain channels. This way, you control exactly what products you are selling on what sales channel and keeps an accurate and updated account of your product inventory after every order. 


Available on all plans.


Sync orders from secondary sales channels to primary sales channel

All orders placed on your different sales channels will be recreated on your primary sales channel, allowing you to manage all of your orders in one location. 


Available on all plans.

Manage inventory from your primary sales channel

Because all of your products and orders are synced to your primary sales channel, it allows you to keep track of your inventory and stock levels as you make sales. There is no need to manually check what you have sold on other sales channels. 


Available on all plans.