How billing works on the 30-day Free Trial

During your trial period, you will not be liable to pay the uAfrica subscription fee – this is only required after the 30 days when the system prompts you to select a plan. During your trial period, you will receive all the benefits of our Gold plan, as well as the shipping rates of our Gold plan (please note if you select a plan that is lower than the Gold plan, your shipping rates will be slightly higher). However, it is important to note that you will still be liable to pay for your shipping costs during your trial period.

Merchants on our 30-day free trial get their first shipment (up to the value of R100.00) for free! However, when you ship more orders on your uAfrica trial account (after using your promotional credit), those transactions will have to be paid for. New uAfrica merchants are given a standard R200.00 Shipping Limit when they start using the uAfrica platform. This means that the system will allow you to fulfill orders until you have reached R200.00 and nothing more. The system will require you to make payment (if a Debit Order or Payfast payment method is used) or will bill you automatically (when a Card payment method is used) as soon as you reach 80% of your shipping limit.

To do this, navigate to “Billing History” under your “Settings”. You will have a view of your unpaid order. Click on “I WANT TO”, then “View Order details” and you will see the charges that make up the amount due. You can then go to Detailed Breakdown and view all the waybills you were invoiced for.

Please note that a Billing Order will be created when you reach your Shipping Limit of R200.00 on your uAfrica trial account. Thus, if you set up your Payment Method on our system and pay your outstanding invoice, you will once again be able to ship parcels until you reach the limit and payment will become due.