How do I analyse my shipping transactions?

This is no longer applicable to uAfrica.


The information submitted when fulfilling an order is the responsibility of the user, and thus uAfrica will not know if the difference between the estimate rate and final charge is due to incorrect information captured on uAfrica or incorrect billing from the courier. Thus, uAfrica requires all merchants to analyse their shipping transactions on a regular basis and inform us, on the rare occasion, if there are any discrepancies.

uAfrica has various reports to help you analyse waybills and shipping transactions. All of these reports are available under Settings > Billing. The “uAfrica Shipping Analysis” report gives you a quick overview of the estimate rate versus the final charge, as well as what you charged your customer.

In “Transaction History”, you can export information based on date range, which will provide you with detail in regards to how your shipping balance has been calculated. It will include information such as estimates, estimate reversals, final charge, credits, bill to accounts and any other adjustments that might occur.

In order to analyse what makes up each payment order, you can access a “Transaction Summary Report”. This can be found under “Billing History”. If you click on the uAfrica payment reference, you will be able to see exactly what your shipping charges amount to since your last payment. Clicking on “View transactions” will show you a full report of final charges, estimates and estimate reversal that have occured in this time period. You can either see this in summary format or on a per order basis. Alternatively, you can download the report as a CSV.