How does payment on uAfrica work?

uAfrica offers a thirty day free trial, after which the platform will prompt you to choose a plan if you would like to continue using uAfrica. During the trial, you will have access to all the Gold plan benefits and will automatically receive a R100.00 shipping limit (this can be increased on request – subject to approval). When your free trial is over, you need to choose from one of four plans – Blue, Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

Once you have picked a plan, you will be charged a pro-rata subscription fee based on the plan you have picked and the number of days left in that month. Each account on uAfrica will receive a shipping limit, which is a rand value up to which you can ship. The default shipping limit on all paid plans are R500.00. Once you have reached this shipping limit, the system will require payment from you. If you add your credit card details, the system will automatically charge your card with the relevant amount. 

On the first working day of every month uAfrica will automatically bill all users for their uAfrica subscription, including all outstanding shipping charges at that point in time. Even if you have not yet reached your shipping limit, you will still be required to pay your shipping charges.