How will I be billed by uAfrica?

Each account on uAfrica will have a shipping limit, which is a rand value up to which you can ship. Once you have reached this shipping limit, the system will require payment from you. If you added your credit card details, the system will automatically charge your card with the relevant amount.

On the first working day of every month uAfrica will automatically bill all users for their uAfrica subscription, including all outstanding shipping charges at that point in time. Even if you have not yet reached your shipping limit, you will still be required to pay your shipping charges.

See below an example of such an order:

Merchants are charged for their subscription to uAfrica on a monthly basis. The merchant, as per the screenshot below, is on the Bronze plan to the value of R299.00 per month, with shipping charges of R186.58, excluding VAT.

In order to see what shipping transactions (waybills) make up the R186.58 shipping charge, you can click on “View transactions”. We will then show you a list of all the estimate rates, estimates reversals and final charges that make up the R186.58 value. You, as the merchant, then need to analyse each waybill, by comparing the estimate reversal and final charge, if you deem it necessary.