The following are acceptable uAfrica payment methods:

Credit Card 
You can pay with a Credit Card or Cheque card (Visa or Mastercard), American Express or Diners Club.

Debit Order 
You will need to complete the Debit Order mandate available under the Debit Order payment method. Complete it and upload it again. Debit orders only get processed on the 1st working day of each month and that will be for the month’s subscription fee and any outstanding shipping charges. We will then ensure that your shipping limit is high enough so that you do not need to make interim payments during the course of the month.

Alternatively you can pay via InstantEFT (PayFast) by using any payment method offered by PayFast (debit card, credit card, EFT). Please note that if you use this payment method you will not receive automatic notifications informing you of any outstanding uAfrica billing orders.