What are estimate and final charges?

This is no longer relevant for uAfrica.

When fulfilling an order on uAfrica, the system looks at the certain variables, like addresses, surcharges and parcel dimensions to provide you with an estimate rate for that specific order. After the courier has collected the parcel, they also capture these variables themselves in order to calculate the final charge. When uAfrica receives the final charge from the courier system, we automatically remove the estimate (which is called an “estimate reversal”) and apply the final charge.

On uAfrica, we save the estimate rate and the final charge under “Shipping Transactions” for each order.
See a screenshot example below:

This summary makes it easy for merchants to compare the estimate rate with the final charge. We also provide you with the “Charged Weight”, as captured by the relevant courier company, as well as the charged dimensions. The charged weight can either be the actual weight of the parcel or the volumetric weight, whichever is the biggest.

Usually when there is a difference between the estimate and final charge, it is due to the courier measuring different volumetrics that are bigger than the dimensions provided by the merchant. It is thus important to always compare these two variables with each other.