What do I do if the courier has charged me incorrectly?

It is the responsibility of all merchants to analyse their shipping transactions on a regular basis and inform us, on the rare occasion, if there are any discrepancies that are believed to be incorrect.

If you have analysed all the shipping transactions and you conclude that the courier charged you incorrectly, we will advise you to do the following:

  1. Email support@uafrica.com with the following information: UA number and reason to why you believe the charge was incorrect.
  2. uAfrica will then review the information and if needs be, submit it to the relevant courier for analysis.
  3. Once we receive feedback from relevant courier, we can advise you to the reason for the over-charge or a credit will be requested.
  4. uAfrica will then submit the credit request to the relevant courier and wait for the credit to be processed.
  5. Please note that since each courier operates differently, the time frame and process for each courier may vary slightly.