What is the Shipping Limit?

uAfrica merchants are given a Shipping Limit when they sign up for an account on uAfrica. Upon signing up, you will receive a shipping limit of R200.00 (exclusive of VAT); this means that uAfrica will allow you to fulfill orders until you have reached R200.00 and nothing more. This can be increased based on your payment history and number of shipments per month.

The shipping limit works as follows: If your shipping limit is R500.00, your running balance is on R450.00 and you try and fulfill an order with an estimate of R60.00 the system will not allow you to continue since your shipping balance will then be higher than R500.00.

The system will require you to go and make payment (if a Debit Order or PayFast payment method is used) or bill you automatically (when a card payment method is used) as soon as you reach 80% of your shipping limit. The reason behind preventing merchants fulfilling orders that take their outstanding balance higher than their shipping limit is because we have experienced many payment issues with merchants not paying their accounts.

How to increase your Shipping Limit

Your Shipping Limit can be increased on request. In order to do so, please email support@uafrica.com and state your current shipping limit, the shipping limit required, as well as your account name or number on uAfrica. Our accounts department will then follow the required procedure and confirm if the increased limit has been approved. Please allow for at least 24 hours to facilitate this approval.