Setting up PriceCheck as a Channel

This feature is no longer available on uAfrica.

You can set up a PriceCheck XML feed as a channel on uAfrica’s Multichannel.

How to install PriceCheck as a channel:

From your dashboard in uAfrica, click on the “Sales Channels” tab and select PriceCheck from the options on the screen.

You will need to have a Primary Channel installed in order to generate the feed for PriceCheck.  You can have either a Shopify or a WooCommerce store as a Primary Channel. Once you have your Primary Channel installed, you can install PriceCheck as well.

Once you have installed PriceCheck, the feed will be created automatically.

You will then need to copy the entire feed URL and send it to the team at PriceCheck to implement on their site.

Channel Rules:

If you’ve got a Primary Channel linked to your uAfrica account, you can set up rules to make sure the correct products appear on PriceCheck in the correct format. To do that, check out our support section here