How to re-authorise your Sales Channels

Your sales channel on uAfrica can be locked due to various reasons; most likely due to outstanding subscription payments to your sales channel provider or technical issues relating to your sales channel. This will require you to re-authorise your sales channel via uAfrica.

  1. From your dashboard in, click on the “Sales Channels” tab.
  2. Find the Sales Channel you need to re-authorise and click on the Settings cog.
  3. Select “Re-Authorise” from the dropdown menu and follow the prompts. 
  4. If the channel is still not activated after trying the above, you will need to speak to the support team of the Sales Channel you are having problems with. Only they will be able to unlock it once the issue has been resolved.
  5. For Shopify support, go to the Shopify Help Centre. To get in touch with bidorbuy, phone 087 350 0099.


Note: If your orders and products are not syncing, then it might be worth checking to see if your Sales Channel are authorised.