Creating a Manifest on uAfrica

What is a manifest? It is a document listing all of the shipping labels of the parcels that need to be collected by a specific courier on a specific day. Downloading and using a manifest means that the driver who is doing the collection will only need to sign one document, rather than each shipping label for each parcel. You can then keep the signed manifest as proof of collection.

To do this, log into your uAfrica account:

  1. On the “Shipping” tab, you select the shipments you want to add the Manifest.
  2. Scroll to Bulk actions and select Download shipping manifest.
  3. You will have to do this by courier. Thus you can only select, for example, CourierIt waybills, and then only select TCG waybills for a second manifest.
  4. ​PLEASE NOTE: You can only allocate a waybill to one manifest and not to more than one.
  5. The system will then download manifest to your computer. But you can also see all previous Manifest by going to the Shipping / Manifests. There you can download the manifest again.