Creating a Manual Order on uAfrica

Creating a Manual Order on uAfrica

“Manual Orders” allows you to create your own orders, instead of having the orders pull through automatically from you Sales Channels. 

Once logged into uAfrica, click  on the “Orders” tab in the navigation bar and click on the “Create Order” button.

On the order creation page, click on the drop-down menu to choose the financial status of the order (Unpaid, Paid or Partially Paid). You can include an order reference, but it is not necessary.  

Add the item name, the cost per unit and weight of each unit. Click the plus icon to add more items. You will need to be as accurate as possible because the quotes you will receive are based on the parcel’s dimensions and weight that you input.  If these are not correct, the estimate you receive will not be reflective of the final charge you will receive from the courier.

Include the cost of shipping that you will be charging your customer. 

In the column on the right, add your customer’s name, email, phone number and shipping address if it is a new customer. Alternatively, use the search bar to look for existing customers. 

Remember to add the billing address.

Once you have recorded all the details and you are certain that the shipping address is accurate, click “Save Order”.

On the next page you will see the order details. Confirm that all of the information is correct and click on the “Fulfill” button.

On the fulfillment page, confirm which address you are shipping from and what the parcel dimensions are. Refresh the quotes if necessary and choose a courier option. You can add collection or delivery instructions, insurance and apply surcharges on this page as well. 

Once you are satisfied, click on “Fulfill and Ship”.