Enabling Shipping Zones

Before you start setting up your Shipping Zones in uAfrica, you need to enable Shipping Zones on your various Sales Channels.

Enabling Shipping Zones on Shopify:

If you would like to use Shipping Zones on Shopify, you will need to have the “Real-Time Carrier Rates” functionality activated on your Shopify plan.  

This functionality is available to the “Advanced Shopify” plan holders by default. However, you can add this functionality to your plan in one of two ways:

  1. You can pay an additional $20 per month for the functionality, or
  2. You can lock into an annual Shopify subscription; you will receive a 10% discount on the subscription and the carrier rates functionality will be added for free.

In order to activate the functionality, you need to speak to the team at Shopify.  They can be reached on (012) 940-1069 or by going to their support page and doing a web chat.

Once you have the “Real-Time Carrier Rates” activated on your Shopify store, log into uAfrica and click on the “Shipping Zones” tab. In the secondary tab, select “Settings” and make sure your Shopify channel is Enabled.

Enabling Shipping Zones on bidorbuy:

To enable Shipping Zones on bidorbuy, you’ll need to first install the bidorbuy channel.  

Then click on the “Shipping Zones” tab and select “Settings”. You need to ensure that your bidorbuy channel is Enabled.  This will push your customised rates to bidorbuy in the “Payments and Shipping” tab, underneath your product image and price information on bidorbuy.

When customers view your products on bidorbuy, they can add their suburb and postal code to find out the shipping rate you will charge to their area.  When they checkout, this rate will appear again, once they have added their shipping address.