How to bulk fulfill orders on uAfrica

If you have a lot of orders to fulfill, you can speed up this process by using the bulk fulfillment feature.

  1. Simply select the order you would like to fulfill, by using the small tick boxes next to each order number.
  2. Once you have selected your orders to fulfill, scroll back to the top and select “Bulk actions”.
  3. There you will be able to Fulfill and Ship, download the shipping labels for those orders or mark the orders as ‘completed’.
  4. Once you’ve clicked “Fulfill and Ship”, you will be able to review the order details, as well as the courier quotes. Once happy, click “Fulfill”.



When using the Fulfill and Ship option, the quotes you receive will be either the cheapest or fastest option, based on your fulfillment settings. To change this setting, head over to Settings > Shipping settings > Fulfillments.

If you are fulfilling orders in bulk, remember to use manifests.

What is a manifest? It is a document listing all the shipping labels of the parcels that need to be collected by a courier on a specific day. Downloading and using a manifest means that the driver who is doing the collection will only need to sign one document, rather than the shipping label for each parcel. You can then keep the signed manifest as proof of collection. To create a Manifest, click here