How to cancel a fulfillment on uAfrica

To cancel a fulfillment, start by logging into your uAfrica account.

  1. Click on the Order number to open the order details.
  2. Then scroll down to “Order Fulfillments”.
  3. Look for the little dustbin icon in the “Order Fulfillments” block of the order details.
  4. Click on the dustbin. This will cancel the fulfillment by cancelling the shipping label.


The uAfrica system then sends the courier an automatic email to request that the collection reference be cancelled. However, we recommend that you doublecheck that the collection request has been cancelled by calling/emailing the courier company that you used to fulfill the order, as the couriers sometimes miss these emails. Be sure to provide them with the courier collection request reference number, which can be found on the “Shipping” tab under “Collection Requests”.