How to create or edit Sender Addresses

  1. When you log into your newly created uAfrica account for the first time, the system will prompt to set up a sender address. (Please note: this prompt is only generated for your first log-in. For all subsequent log-ins, you will be greeted by your uAfrica dashboard.)
  2. The sender address is where the parcel will be sent from and consequently where couriers will come and pick up your parcels once you have created and fulfilled your orders. The address name is for your internal reference so pick something relevant and memorable, like “Home” or “Office or anything else you will recognise later. We have implemented Google Autocomplete for sender addresses. This means that when you set up a new sender address or edit an existing one, you can start typing the address into the “Address Search” bar and the address will autocomplete with the correct address information.
  3. To create another Sender Address or edit an existing one, click on the arrow next to your account name and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Under the “Shipping Settings” section, you will see an item called “Sender addresses”.
  4. To create a new address, click on “Create New Address”. To edit an existing address, click on the “Edit” button next to the address you’d like to make changes to.
  5. ALWAYS remember to complete the Advanced settings for each address. Here you can:
    1. Edit your ‘Shipping Label Email’. This is the email address to which newly generated shipping labels and packing slips will be sent after you have fulfilled orders. This is for internal use, not for customers.
    2. Specify a ‘Collect after this time’ and a ‘Collect before this time’. This creates a time frame during which couriers can collect parcels from your Sender Address(es).
    3. Upload your company logo to add your brand to the generated shipping labels and packing slip.


*Please note that you can only have multiple sender addresses if you are on the Gold plan or if you have a Custom plan. For more information, please email