How to fulfill an order on uAfrica

How to fulfill an order on uAfrica

This video tutorial shows you, step by step, how to fulfill orders on uAfrica.

Navigate to Orders in the left navigation panel and open an unfulfilled order that you would like to complete, by either clicking on the the order number or the “More fulfillment options” button. This will open the order details page. Once you confirm the collection and delivery addresses, add your parcel details. Here it is important to be as accurate as possible, as the courier quote is dependent on the dimensions of the parcel. Also, the more accurate you are with your dimensions, the less of a difference there will be between the estimated quote and the final charge. Once you are satisfied with your order details, you will be able to generate rates.

Select your preferred rate from the modal and book the shipmentOnce you have fulfilled the order, you will have the option of downloading the shipping label of the shipment. This shipping label must printed in order for you to have four copies of it

At this point, an email with tracking details will be sent to your customer to inform them that their order has been fulfilled. The courier company has also been notified of the parcel that is ready for collection. You can check to see if this collection request has been sent by going to Shipments in the left navigation panel. 


Tags can be applied to order during order fulfillment. Tags allow you to group shipments based on your specifications and save you the time and effort of needing to filter through and identify those particular orders.