How to opt for insurance on uAfrica

It is important to remember that your parcel isn’t automatically insured. During order fulfilment, you will need to specify if you would like to take out insurance on your parcel and what amount you would like to insure the parcel for. If you have high-value products, we would definitely recommend that you insure them! 

Please ensure that you are familiar with the insurance policies of each of the couriers. 

When you are fulfilling an order that you would like to insure, scroll down to “Additional Options” on the Order Fulfilment page. Under “Insured Value”, you can either manually enter the amount that you would like to ensure the parcel for, or simply click on the cart icon to automatically add insurance to the value of the parcel. Once you have added insurance, the quotes from the couriers will be outdated and will this need to be refreshed. After refreshing, you will notice that the quote will have increased by 2% of the insurance value that you have just added. This is the fee charged by uAfrica to administer the insurance. 

Please note that even if the parcel has been damaged or lost by the relevant courier, they will only refund you for the shipping charges and not for the value of the goods inside the parcel. Also make sure that your packaging is sufficient! If the parcel was insufficiently packaged, the courier has the right to deny your claim.