Setting up and Editing Notification Templates

This is a setting with which you can really customise your customer experience. Here you can edit all of the emails that are sent to your customers as their parcel goes through the delivery process. 

To set up or edit your Notification Templates, click on the arrow next to your account name and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Under the “Shipping Settings” section, you will see an item called “Notification templates”. Here you will find various templates that you can edit to suit your preferences. 

To see what the templates look like as an email, simply click on “View”. To edit these, select “Edit”. You can code a completely new email or simply keep the uAfrica code and edit the wording. You can also select and insert various placeholders from the right-hand panel. Once you have made changes to these templates, the marker next to the template name will change to “YES” under the “Customised” column.

Explaining the Notification Templates:

Tracking Updates

This notification sends tracking information to the customer with a tracking number, as well as the status of the parcel. 

Order Ready For Collection

If you offer customers the option of picking up their orders at a designated point, this notification informs them that their order is ready for collection at the pick-up point.

Order Collected

After your customer has picked up their order from the designated pick-up point (as per the above notification template), this notification is sent to the customer to confirm the collection of the order.

Shipping Label To 3rd Party

If you use a third party to pick, pack and fulfill your orders, this notification informs them once you have fulfilled the order and includes information on what must be packed to complete the order. 

Returns Shipping Label To Buyer

If your customer requests a return, this notification is sent to the customer with more information on the collection and includes the waybill that must be printed and attached to the item to be returned.

Buyer Collection Cancelled

This notification is sent to a customer when they no longer need to collect their order at the designated pick-up point.

After Delivery

After the order has been delivered to a customer, this notification confirms the delivery with the customer.