Shipping Large Products

The DPD XL service level is no longer supported on uAfrica.

Do you want to ship large products? You can do this with uAfrica and our courier partners.

Say hello to DPD XL.

XL is an offering from DPD Laser, geared towards the shipment of bigger items (heavier than 15kg and larger than than 1m³).Due to the fact that this service level requires a two-man truck collection, please take note of the following:

  • There is a lead-time of ±24 hours. Therefore, collection must be booked before 17h00 a day before collection must take place.
  • Collection will generally take place in the afternoons, the day after collection has been booked. 
  • Any shipments that are out of the ordinary (for example, an unusual shape) should still be flagged with the uAfrica Support Team. 
  • A Collection Note should also be added for any extraordinary shipments. 
  • This service is specifically for parcels that are solid and can be boxed between 20kg and 1000kg, and that are shorter than 2m in length. 
  • Important: all furniture must be flat-packed.