Shipping Large Products

Do you want to ship large products? You can do this with uAfrica and our courier partners.

However, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that the couriers we have integrated with do not insure or take liability of such large items, so you will be shipping at your own risk. In fact, merchants will need to sign an indemnity form for such large items, as well as glass items when shipping with TCG.

Also important to remember when shipping large items: you will need to ensure that the courier and uAfrica is prealerted to such items 24 hours in advance so that the correct type of vehicle is dispatched for collection. This must be done by contacting, as well as the specific courier. Each courier has their own terms, but we advise that parcels bigger than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, a length of one meter or a weight of 17kg require a special truck pick up.