Surcharges and how to add them on uAfrica

Surcharges and how to add them on uAfrica

Surcharges are charged in addition to the normal courier rates, and are applied separately to the collection and delivery areas. Some remote areas may have special surcharges or require special arrangements.

We do not have a specific list, but we can confirm that the following locations carry surcharges (which are not included in the estimates, as it can only be determined upon delivery). It is imperative to ensure that the customer’s suburb, city and postal code corresponds with each other for more accurate estimate quotes.

Areas that couriers classify as surcharge areas:

  • Army Base
  • Farms
  • Holiday Resort
  • Embassy
  • Industrial Plants
  • Mines
  • Plot
  • Power Stations
  • Remote Areas
  • Township
  • Game reserves
  • Refinery
  • High risk areas
  • Chain stores (shopping centres)
  • Outlying areas which only gets serviced on certain days

We are relying on the courier companies for the estimates and final charges. Thus, we are not in control of these charges but can follow up with the couriers for explanations.


Adding surcharges on uAfrica during order fulfillment

When fulfilling an order, you can now specify if the address you are shipping to falls under a certain category that may be considered a surcharged area by the courier companies. These are surcharges that the couriers cannot always confirm based on postal code. For example, postal code 2014 can be for an area in Sandton or Alexandra; however, Alexandra will carry a “Township” surcharge.