With the Sticker Shipping Label System, shipping has never been easier! With sticker waybills, your parcels not only look snazzier, but your process becomes quicker and makes shipping big volumes a breeze.

Why should I move over to the Sticker Shipping Label System?

  • The label is stuck to your parcel and the barcode is scanned at every step in the delivery process – no more lost or missing shipping labels.
  • It is better for the environment, due to reduced use of paper and ink/toner.
  • It is faster and more time-saving than printing and cutting paper labels.
  • These thermal printers do not run out of ink – no more costly ink cartridges!
  • There is a definite reduced long-term cost.

What do I need to do to access this system?

  • The cost of the Zebra printer used to print these sticker shipping labels, as well as the actual stickers are at the cost of the merchant.
    Please refer to the process document below for the printer and sticker models and suppliers.
  • The Sticker Shipping Label System is available on all uAfrica plans. You need to enable this feature on your account by contacting our Support Team.
  • You need to install the printer yourself, using the process document below.

How do I get my proof that the parcel/s have been picked up by the courier if I don't have four waybills?

  • The sticker waybill system changes the process slightly: you will now need to download and print a manifest on uAfrica, containing all the UA numbers for the parcels being shipped.
  • When the driver comes to collect your parcel/s, he will now sign the manifest as proof of collection.
  • Reminder: Manifests are found under the “Shipping” tab.

If you have a Dawn Wing custom account...

You can apply to loan a sticker printer and labels from Dawn Wing.

  • Dawn Wing is willing to loan certain custom account users the Zebra printer and to give them the labels for the sticker shipping labels. Get in touch with your Dawn Wing account manager to obtain more information and apply for this free feature.
  • Should your application be successful, you will receive a Zebra printer, installation and set-up, as well as free sticker labels from Dawn Wing.
  • Please note that not all merchants will be liable for this free feature and will depend on Dawn Wing’s own specifications. uAfrica is not involved in this process and cannot be held liable for the outcome.
  • Should your application not be successful, you will need to purchase your own printer and sticker labels as specified in the process document below. The installation will also become your responsibility.