My products are not showing up on PriceCheck


My products are not showing up on PriceCheck.


  1. In uAfrica, click on the “Sales Channels” tab. 
  2. Click on “Rules” inside the red block of your PriceCheck channel.
  3. There should be one rule stating that all products should be included in the feed – do not remove this rule. 
  4. Add more rules to fine tune which products should be included or excluded in the feed. For more information on how to set up rules, check out Rules in Multichannel.
  5. Once your rules are in place, you need to regenerate the feed. 
  6. To do this, click on the “Sales Channels” tab. 
  7. Click on the “Settings” wheel in the bottom left corner of the red PriceCheck channel block.
  8. Select “Update generated feed file”.
  9. Copy the feed and send it to the PriceCheck support team on 
  10. If anything is not working as expected, please contact the uAfrica support team.