Our Commitment to the Planet

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author

In an endeavour to go green and promote sustainable shipping processes, uAfrica and Mielie Mailer have formed a partnership to encourage more sustainable business models and practices within the South African eCommerce industry – one step at a time.

Mielie Mailer uses cutting edge technology to create sustainable alternatives to every day products and are the creators of very unique shipping mailers that are both reusable and compostable. Once composted, they disappear within as little as 3 months. What do we mean by “disappear”? They turn into C02, H20 and nutrient-rich humus only. No plastic, no toxins.

The aim is that our collaboration with them can help reduce waste and plastic in the eCommerce sector and gives us the opportunity to make a real difference.

Go greener - save the planet

The move towards a more sustainable business model for all eCommerce companies aims to reduce waste and plastic by making use of Mielie Mailers that are reusable and 100% compostable, as well as encouraging businesses to make the switch to a sticker label waybill system.

To help you make the switch as seamlessly as possible, we have compiled a “Sustainability Manual” that takes you through every step of getting set up on uAfrica, how and where you buy your Mielie Mailers and how to purchase and configure your sticker printer.

Doing our part

Beyond the partnership with Mielie Mailer and our endeavor to encourage more sustainability across the South African eCommerce industry, uAfrica is also doing their part in the fight for our planet and getting actively involved in a greener work environment. It is for this reason that uAfrica will plant a tree for each customer that converts to Mielie Mailers or the sticker waybill system. We will do this using Tree-Nation, the website that lets people help to reforest the world.

Make the switch. Make a real change. Save the planet.

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