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The subscription fee is charged above and beyond the shipping fees charged for each parcel that is being shipped. The shipping fees will be based on the plan you have subscribed to and the number of shipments conducted. 

monthly subscription
Standard uAfrica Shipping Rates
Up to 10,000 products
50 Orders per month
2 Sales channels
1 User account
monthly subscription
Up to 5% discount on standard uAfrica rates**
Up to 25,000 products
250 Orders per month
3 Sales channels
2 User accounts
monthly subscription
Up to 10% discount on standard uAfrica rates**
Up to 50,000 products
750 Orders per month
5 Sales channels
5 User accounts
monthly subscription
Up to 15% discount on standard uAfrica rates**
Up to 100,000 products
2,000 Orders per month
10 Sales channels
10 User accounts
Monthly subscriptionR99R299R799R1999
Discount on uAfrica Shippingstandard5%10%15%
Number of products synced between channelsup to 10 000up to 25 000up to 50 000up to 100 000
Orders allowed to be created on uAfrica per month502507502 000
Sales channels that can be synced to uAfrica23510
Number of user accounts12510
Shipping Features
Real time rates from all of our courier partners

National delivery to anywhere in South Africa
Automated shipping labels
Automated sticker shipping labels - contact uAfrica to enable
Ship from multiple locations
Centralised order management
Ability to add shipping insurance*
Printing of packing slips
Bulk order fulfillment and shipping
Automated tracking emails
Custom courier accounts**
Shipping Zones for Shopify and bidorbuy
Multichannel Features
Sync products from primary sales channel to secondary sales channels
Manage all products from a single sales channel
Use the rule engine to determine which products to push to sale channels
Sync orders from your secondary sales channels to your primary sales channel
Manage your inventory from your primary sales channel

All payments are billed in South African Rands and excludes VAT.

* Courier-specific terms and conditions apply when insuring shipments.
** When using a custom courier account, the uAfrica shipping discount will not apply.

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We also offer

Shipping Only plan

Ship your first parcel in minutes with no monthly subscription charges. Shipments on the Shipping Only plan are charged at standard rates.

Custom Courier plan

Continue using your account with our integrated couriers, while making use of the uAfrica platform and all its benefits.

uAfrica Enterprise plan

Do you have higher sales volume or enterprise needs? Contact us for more information and pricing.