Rates at checkout:
Courier rates

Set up courier rates for rates at checkout

Rates at checkout is a uAfrica service that allows accounts to set up shipping rates that will be charged to their buyers at checkout. These rates will be configured based on certain criteria and can be set up as courier rates for different service levels with other specific requirements.

What are courier rates?

Courier rates allow ecommerce businesses to align what your customers pay for shipping and what you get charged by the courier to ship the parcel. They are are essentially the V3 version of real-time rates. 

Courier rates are real-time quotes returned to customers at checkout live and in real-time. The rates take into consideration the order weight (does not consider dimensions),  the customer’s shipping address and collection address (default sender address on uAfrica), to display shipping options for your customer. 


The setup for courier rates is very similar to the dynamic rate setup and includes fields for preferred service level type, preferred courier, rate adjustment and round rate. 

It is important to note that “Shipping to” zones/tags are not taken into account when determining courier rates. This rate type is also slower in returning rates than other rate types. 

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