Real-Time Rates on uAfrica

What are Real-Time Rates?

The Real-Time Rates feature allows you to offer your customers the exact shipping rates that the courier will charge for the shipment.

Please note that Real-Time Rates are not supported on Custom Accounts. 

Real-Time Rates is when your customers are presented with shipping options based on live rates received from the couriers during checkout on your online store (not supporting MDS Collivery). The rates take the order weight (does not consider dimensions),  the customer’s shipping address and your collection address (the default sender address on uAfrica) into consideration  to display shipping options for your customer. These rates supplied are exclusive of VAT. 

Real-Time Rates allows eCommerce businesses to align what your customers pay for shipping and what you get charged by the courier to ship the parcel, which helps to ensure that you don’t lose money when it comes to shipping.

Please note that the product weights in your online store MUST be set-up correctly in order for Real-Time Rates to work. It is important to allocate volumetric weights to products where you know the volumetric weight is going to be higher than the actual weight. For example, if you have a cushion that has an actual weight of 1kg but the volumetric weight is 10kg due to the dimensions of the parcel, you need to ensure that the weight captured on your online store states the volumetric weight. Find out more on volumetric vs actual weight here.


Setting up Real-Time Rates

To set up Real-Time Rates on uAfrica, you need to follow the steps outlined in the supporting documentation below: