Shipping Zones on uAfrica

What are Shipping Zones?

The Shipping Zones feature allows you to offer your customers shipping rates based on their South African postal code.

In terms of location, Shopify shipping settings only allow you to charge your customer shipping costs based on province. Of course, this is not ideal as the couriers will charge you based on local, main centre or regional areas, which could all fall within one province. Ideally, you would like to charge your customer based on whether their address is classified as a local, main centre or regional. And this is exactly what uAfrica Shipping Zones allow you to do.

uAfrica Shipping Zones allows you to specify shipping rates and service levels according to your customer’s South African postcode. In a similar way to how couriers charge you according to zones and service levels, Shipping Zones can be configured according to your own custom zones and service levels and then you’re able to create rates based on product weight and/or price. The default zones include Local, Main Centre and Regional and you can then create different rates and service levels to each of those zones. When a customer enters their postcode at checkout, the system classifies that particular postcode into the respective shipping zone that you created and presents the rate for the corresponding zone.


Your store is based in Cape Town and you sell a product to a customer working in Menlyn, Pretoria in Gauteng. Your customer proceeds through checkout and enters the postcode for the area: 0081. The Shipping Zones feature then looks up the postcode and classifies it as a Main Centre, displaying the rate that you have set up for the Main Centre zones.

Shipping Zones is also customisable, allowing you to edit zones, add zones and even classify postcodes into different zones. This gives you more granular control of your shipping rates presented to customers.

How do I enable Shipping Zones on my uAfrica account?

Shipping Zones on uAfrica is only supported on Shopify and bidorbuy. We do not support Shipping Zones on WooCommerce and you will have to set up your shipping rates on WooCommerce directly.

Before you can get started on setting up Shipping Zones on uAfrica, you will need to enable this on Shopify first. The THIRD-PARTY CARRIER-CALCULATED SHIPPING RATES functionality must be activated on your Shopify store in order for Shipping Zones to work on uAfrica. This functionality is available to the “Advanced Shopify” plan holders by default. However, you can add this functionality to your plan by contacting Shopify Support.


Setting up Shipping Zones

To set up the Shipping Zones on uAfrica, you need to follow the steps outlined in the supporting documentation below: