The Courier Guy

About The Courier Guy

The Courier Guy has grown from humble beginnings on a motorbike into a tightly knit family of customers, franchisees and agents. What began in 2000 as “a favour for a friend” has developed into a worldwide courier company. Through franchising, The Courier Guy is structured with the customer and the franchisee as their main focus. They empower individuals with responsibility from the driver upwards to the franchisee. 

The Courier Guy is passionate about the industry and establishing close relationships with their client base. The mission is clear – provide the customers with the best products and solutions. The Courier Guy believes that the moving of parcels between A and B is really the easy part. What differentiates them in the market place is the “behind the scenes support and attention to detail” you will receive from everyone in the organisation.

[This information is from The Courier Guy website and has been rewritten and edited for the uAfrica website]

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