On V3, multiple pages have been consolidated into a single view called Account for better control over all account-level items, like account details, subscription management, user roles and billing. This is accessible in the sidebar of your uAfrica account and is only available to Account SuperUsers.

Account Details

Account Details

Manage your account name and contact details, as well as your default logo that will be used on shipping labels. However, shipping labels can be customised per collection address. 


View your credit limit and account balance, keep track of your subscription usage and manage your subscription here. Plan Limits are now be based on the number of shipments per month, as opposed to the order limits imposed in the past. You will also be able to pay your outstanding balance here.

Account Users

Currently, there are two roles available – the Account SuperUser is the creator of the uAfrica account or a user with access to all admin features and settings; the Account User has more limited access to the app, with no access to the admin features – including Account. The SuperUser is able to create new users, determine their specific role, and edit the role of the user.


The Billing Details section allow you to specify your company billing information, your payment methods, as well as billing contact information to insure that the billing goes to the right person. 

Billing itself has not changed significantly; however, statements and tax invoices have been introduced into the billing system for ease of use. The billing section allows users to switch between billing transactions, invoices and credit notes and search for the required information using search fields and date filters.