Billing is found within Account, located in the left navigation sidebar for ease of use. 

The Billing Details section allow you to specify your company billing information, your payment methods, as well as billing contact information to insure that the billing goes to the right person.

How has the billing system changed?

Billing itself has not changed significantly; however, statements and tax invoices have been introduced into the billing system for ease of use. The billing section allows users to switch between billing transactions, invoices and credit notes and search for the required information using search fields and date filters.

Plan subscriptions:

Previously, billing was completed monthly in advance. On V3, billing will be completed monthly in arrears. For example, previously you would have been billed on 1 March 2022 for March 2022, while on the new system you will be billed on 1 April 2022 for March 2022.

Tax invoices:

You now have the option of receiving a tax invoice based on your preferred frequency [available options: daily, weekly and monthly]. This means we will issue a tax invoice for all charges incurred during the specified period. 

The default invoice frequency is currently monthly. Please reach out to us should you want to make use of the other available options. 


We have introduced the ability to generate a statement for a period you specify with the opening and closing balance of your account, and all tax invoices and receipts issued during the specified period. 

Payments and receipts:

With the tax invoices and statements explained above, you will now be able to make payments towards your account. We will automatically allocate the payment to the oldest unpaid invoice and issue you with a receipt for the payment.