System Changes

What is new?

  • One really cool feature that we’ve added to the V3 system upgrade is the ability to create a shipment without an order. What this means is that you can still fulfill your orders as usual, but you can also ship parcels from A to B that did not come through as an order. 
  • The new Address Book allows merchants to add and keep track of customer’s contact details easier, with better control over collection addresses.
  • You asked, we listened – the uAfrica platform is now mobile-friendly! Although there are some features that are still better suited to be used on a desktop, you will be able to use uAfrica for your basic order management and fulfillment needs on your mobile device. Shipping and monitoring is now at your fingertips!
  • All shipping rates quoted on uAfrica V3  are now VAT-inclusive.
  • User Roles will be available on V3. Currently, there are two roles available – the Account SuperUser is the creator of the uAfrica account or a user with access to all admin features and settings; the Account User has more limited access to the app, with no access to the admin features.
  • When more than one filter has been applied to sort Orders or Shipments, you are able to save these custom filters for future use to make your order management easier and faster going forward.

What has changed?

  • Notifications are now known as Alerts and have been streamlined to actionable notices sent to merchants on the uAfrica app regarding account- and shipping-related issues.
  • Although the layout of Sales Channels has remained relatively the same, we have changed the way they operate. On V3, we allow merchants to install multiple independent sales channels. Going forward, orders will only be synced to and from the channel they were placed on.
  • Plan Limits will be based on the number of shipments per month, as opposed to the order limits imposed in the past.
  • On V3, multiple pages have been consolidated into a single view called Account for better control over all account-level items, like account details, subscription management, user roles and billing.
  • Billing itself has not changed significantly; however, statements and tax invoices have been introduced into the billing system for ease of use.
  • SHOPIFY ONLY: Orders that are fulfilled or auto-fulfilled on Shopify will no longer be able to be fulfilled on uAfrica.

What has stayed the same?

  • The Orders tab has not changed much with the V3 system upgrade – we’ve simply added a few elements and made some layout and design changes to make the order management and fulfillment process easier. The fulfillment process has also remained the same.
  • Although the settings have not changed with the V3 system upgrade, the layout of the settings has been improved for your convenience. Settings are now split into categories to best assist you in finding and setting up these options.

What we don't have anymore:

  • One part of V3 is the removal of the Multichannel product syncing feature. This means products and orders can no longer be synced between sales channels.
  • The ‘Tracking Only’ feature will also not be available after the migration to V3. It is simply not used enough by merchants to warrant the development of this feature on the new system.