Extra Features

VAT Inclusive Rates

Section 65 of the VAT Act states that any price advertised or quoted by a VAT vendor must include VAT. For this reason, all shipping rates quoted on the uAfrica platform are now VAT INCLUSIVE. Don’t worry! Rates have not increased in the system upgrade, but we have made this change simply to be compliant with the VAT Act.  

My Profile

Update your profile email address and add a telephone number to ensure that the Support Team is contacting the right person under My Profile. This can be updated by clicking on My Profile in the navigation sidebar.

User Roles

User Roles are available on V3. Currently, there are two roles available – the Account SuperUser is the creator of the uAfrica account or a user with access to all admin features and settings; the Account User has more limited access to the app, with no access to the admin features – including Account. The SuperUser is able to create new users, determine their specific role, and edit the role of the user.

Custom Saved Filters

When more than one filter has been applied to sort Orders or Shipments, you are able to save these custom filters for future use to make your order management easier and faster going forward.