The uAfrica Settings are an important part of your account. Used correctly, these settings can streamline your order management and fulfillment processes to the maximum. Although the settings have not changed with the V3 system upgrade, the layout of the settings has been improved for your convenience. Settings are now split into categories to best assist you in finding and setting up these options. 


The Shipping settings are those related directly to the shipping of your orders. The settings include:

  • Preferred courier service levels, including your preferred courier and service level with alternatives for both.
  • Default rates display, which is the order in which you would like rates to be displayed during order fulfillment or shipment completion.
  • Labels, where you can specify the required paper and label size of the shipping label, as well as a variety of other label-related options. 
  • Packages allows you to set up predefined packages to use when you create a shipment, instead of capturing dimensions each time you want to ship something. 
  • Manifest gives you the option to split manifests based on collection address if you would prefer. 

Order Management

The Order Management settings are geared towards streamlining the picking and packing process. With these Settings, you can customise your packing slips to your preferences, to ensure that your order management process is as smooth as possible. 

Fulfillment Rules

Fulfillment Rules perform automated actions on orders when specific conditions are met. These rules can be set up to streamline order processes based on your requirements. A rule that is applied by default will allow you to set preferred service levels for an order fulfillment. This means that if certain conditions are met, a service level will be pre-selected based on the configuration you supplied. Please note that this engine is still in development. 


The Notification settings allow you to better manage the tracking emails that are sent out form the uAfrica system to your customers. Here, you will be able to edit and customise the Notification templates as desired, with an easier-to-use editing modal. The editing modal no longer requires the use of HTML coding or markup language, but is allows free form editing with ready-made placeholder tags.

In these settings you will also be able to specify who – the merchant and/or the customer – receives each email notification with a simple tick box for activation. 

Courier Accounts

The Courier Account settings are for custom accounts only. If you have an account with one of the available courier companies, you can use it instead of uAfrica Shipping and will be billed directly by the courier company. These are known as Custom Accounts. Add and manage your custom account with these settings. 

API Keys

This settings allows you to create access keys to make programmatic calls to our open API.