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Yes. Due to our integration with various South African couriers, we can get the couriers’ stationery delivered to you, free of charge.

When you fulfill orders, make sure that the goods are wrapped securely. Place the goods into the courier sleeve, print the waybill four times and insert the copies in the clear pocket on the side of the bag.

You have the option of setting up the shipping rates in either Shopify or uAfrica. Either add your shipping rates into Shopify or add your rates into uAfrica’s Shipping Rates features and send them to your Shopify store. 

Shipping Rates in uAfrica requires a functionality called ‘Third-Party Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates’ to be enabled on your Shopify store, which carries an additional cost on your monthly Shopify subscription.

If you hit your limit before the end of the month, you will need to upgrade your plan to continue fulfilling orders. 

If you upgrade mid-month, we charge you a pro-rata amount based on the value of the plan you have upgraded to and the number of days left in the month. You can also downgrade again at the end of the month.

This video tutorial shows you, step by step, how to fulfill orders on uAfrica.

You can use our Shipping Calculator on the pricing page of our website.  

The quotes generated by our quote calculator should be the same as those you receive when you do an actual fulfilment – provided that you input the correct dimensions of the parcel into the quote calculator. 

However, it’s important to remember that these quotes are only estimates. Once the parcel goes through the courier’s hub and is weighed and measured, the final charge might fluctuate in comparison to the dimensions and weight you put into uAfrica.

Real-Time Rates and Fixed Rates are two different methods of charging your customers for shipping during checkout. Both methods are part of the uAfrica “Shipping Rates” feature. 

Real-Time Rates is when, at checkout on your website, your customers are presented with shipping options, based on live rates received from our courier partners.

uAfrica Fixed Rates (formerly known as Shipping Zones) allows you to specify a fixed shipping rate  according to your customer’s South African postcode.

Once you’re signed up for your trial account, the next steps to shipping your first parcel are easy!

Follow the prompts to:

  1. Add a sender address, and
  2. Create your first order!


For full step-by-step instructions, access the supporting document here.

uAfrica only operates and ships with South Africa and does not ship internationally or into the rest of Africa.

uAfrica’s Multichannel feature offers you the opportunity to sell your products on multiple websites, while syncing your orders to one central dashboard on uAfrica.  We currently offer integrations for, PriceCheck, WooCommerce and Shopify. 

Multichannel removes the hassle of having to update inventory on each individual channel. When an order is placed on a sales channel, the inventory is adjusted across all other channels, ensuring that you never sell anything you do not have in stock.

How to set it up:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the “Sales Channel” tab. 
  2. Click on the specific sales channel you would like to add and follow the prompts. 
  3. Once the link is authorised, your products and existing orders from the last seven days will be automatically imported into uAfrica.
  4. If you are adding multiple channels to sync between, you need to set up rules to ensure that the syncing happens correctly.


See the full Multichannel process here.

uAfrica offers a thirty day free trial, after which the platform will prompt you to choose a plan if you would like to continue using uAfrica. During the trial, you will have access to all the Gold plan benefits and will automatically receive a R200.00 shipping limit (this can be increased on request – subject to approval). You will also receive up to R100.00 off your first shipment! When your free trial is over, you need to choose from one of four plans – Blue, Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

Once you have picked a plan, you will be charged a pro-rata subscription fee based on the plan you have picked and the number of days left in that month. Each account on uAfrica will receive a shipping limit, which is a rand value up to which you can ship. Once you have reached this shipping limit, the system will require payment from you. If you add your credit card details, the system will automatically charge your card with the relevant amount. 

On the first working day of every month uAfrica will automatically bill all users for their uAfrica subscription, including all outstanding shipping charges at that point in time. Even if you have not yet reached your shipping limit, you will still be required to pay your shipping charges. 

Please click here for a full breakdown of how uAfrica billing works.

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